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Bilingual Program

(Mandarin and English)

Parent Testimonial

Zenobia Leung Cupertino CA

I would like to offer a letter of recommendations for Smiles Daycare. My daughter, Alyssa, has been going to Smiles Day Care for over a year. We are happy that we found a loving and caring place for her to grow, learn and at the same time have fun. She was in good hands. We are sad to leave due to our move.

Ms. Shao has extensive experience, used to be a preschool teacher and always pursue improving herself with continuing education. You can see her passion in working with children.

What we like most are:

My daughter likes the daycare so much, she was not willing to leave most the days and wanted me to join her and stayed longer in the fun, loving and welcoming environment. We highly recommend Smiles Day Care.

Judy and Luky San Jose CA

Miss Janna, I usually call her "Shao," is a teacher at Smiles Day Care with interpersonal skills that worked very well with Kevin, who is my son.

From the beginning he has no knowledge of Mandarin. Now he can count the number in Mandarin and get things around in Mandarin; it sounds like a Chinese mouthful.

Shao teaches Kevin to have good social manners. My son is always courteous, whether it's greeting someone or asking to be excused.

Kevin always brings his art works home from school every time. I have the art work Gallery.

We keep all the art works that he bring back home until today. Kevin often takes these art works and plays with them. He can remember and get what they are in Mandarin and English. Shao has very good way to approach with children, simple and easy for them to understand. She makes things familiar for Kevin to learn in combination of learning and having fun.

When we walked home, he counted the flowers and said the colors in Mandarin and English.

I would say that Shao is the best teacher that Kevin ever has. I am glad that we have chosen Shao as Kevin's care provider.

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